The Autogrill Group

The Group is structured in business units, which manage operational levers according to objectives and guidelines defined by the corporate executives of Autogrill S.p.A.

The Autogrill Group

As the sale of the Flight business (provision of meal and retail services onboard airplanes) was finalised on 31 December 2010, the Autogrill Group operates in two business segments: catering (“Food & Beverage” or “F&B”) and airport retail (“Travel Retail & Duty-Free” or “TR&DF”).

The Food & Beverage business takes place wherever people travel (airports, motorways and railway stations), serving a local, domestic and international clientele. Our offerings strongly reflect the local setting.

To a greater or lesser degree depending on the country and channel, and either separately or in conjunction with food and drink, the F&B units also sell everyday items (newspapers and magazines, tobacco products, toys) and other food and non-food items as well as fuel. The operational levers are assigned to local organisations that are centralised at the country level.

The Travel Retail & Duty–Free business takes place exclusively at airports, has a mainly international clientele, and offers a uniform range sometimes supplemented by an assortment of local products. The operating structure (marketing, purchasing, etc.) is highly centralised.

In one or both business segments, the Group is active in 37 countries:

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