Boards and officers

Boards and officers
Board of Directors1
Chairman2, 3 Gilberto Benetton
CEO2, 3, 4 Gianmario Tondato Da RuosE
Directors Alessandro Benetton

Giorgio Brunetti5, L, I–1

Antonio Bulgheroni6, I–1, I–2

Arnaldo Camuffo6, I–1, I–2

Claudio Costamagna6, I–1, I–2

Javier Gómez-Navarro

Francesco GiavazziI–1, I–2

Alfredo Malguzzi5, 6, I–1

Gianni Mion6

Paolo Roverato5
Secretary Paola Bottero

Board of Statutory Auditors7
Chairman Luigi Biscozzi
Standing auditor Eugenio Colucci
Standing auditor Ettore Maria Tosi
Alternate auditor Giorgio Silva
Alternate auditor Giuseppe Angiolini

Independent auditors8 KPMG S.p.A.
1 Elected by the annual general meeting of 23 April 2008; in office until approval of the 2010 financial statements 2 Appointed at the Board of Directors meeting of 23 April 2008 3 Powers assigned by law and the company’s by-laws, particularly legal representation with individual signing authority 4 Powers of ordinary administration, with individual signing authority, per Board resolution of 23 April 2008 5 Member of the Internal Control and Corporate Governance Committee 6 Member of the Human Resources Committee 7 Elected by the annual general meeting of 21 April 2009; in office until approval of the 2011 financial statements 8 Assignment granted by the annual general meeting of 27 April 2006 for the years 2006-2011 E Executive director I–1 Independent director as defined by the Corporate Governance Code adopted by resolution of the Board of Directors of 12 December 2007 I–2 Independent Director pursuant to Articles 147-ter (4) and 148 (3) of Legislative Decree 58/1998 L Lead Independent Director